2024 Tommy Chicago 3x3 League

Tommy Chicago Summer 3x3 League

  • Each Skater Must be Registered to be added to their assigned Team Roster
  • Enter assigned team # from PDF below at registration
  • Boys BT & PW Teams Placement by 2024-25 MN Hockey level of Play
  • Boys SQ/MT Teams Placed SQ-1 and SQ-2 by Age (2013/14 and 2015/16)
  • Girls Teams Placement by 2024 TC Level (10U, 12U, 14U)
  • All Teams Balanced out Equally with multiple levels (Elite, Selects, Prospects etc.)
  • Team Assignments are on PDF Links below

League Rules:

  • NO CHECKING at Bantam Level
  • Three Penalties in a game and skater will be ejected
  • Penalty Shots
  • Any time 7 or more kids per team we will blow horn for 1 minute shifts

League Standings:

  • We will have league standings
  • Each Division winner will get award

Summer 2024

This Registration if for Summer 3x3.  During registration please enter your team number.

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